Introducing the new

Prism Message Management System

Prism is a centralized communications platform that manages message handling for a variety of wireless technologies. Professionally designed by wireless industry professionals to provide high performance and dependable communications.

Today you have choices of many different wireless, and wired, devices ranging from pagers, cellphone, DECT phones, VoIP phones, alarm and reporiting systems. You need a way to manage the use of these devices and systems without the burden of learning different databases and operating several different software programs. The Prism System takes care of that for you. With our new web based system managment screens authorized administrators and users can add or modify users and assign devices from remote computers with network access. With easy to use menus, built-in self test tools amd flexible message routing plans, the Prism system improves effiency and effectiveness.

Prism systems are used in life saving and critical installations for medical, public safety, nuclear energy production and nuclear research facilities. With its extensive feature list and high performance, Prism systems are the popular choice for new modern systems.Prism Systems are configured specifically for your application. Choose software modules from our product line to customize your system.

  • Full-Featured Radio Paging Systems with VoIP input
  • Text to Wireless Phones including DECT, VoIP phones and popular iPhones, Androids and others.
  • Email Messaging...send your messages by Email, receive your pages by Email.
  • Healthcare Patient and Aged Care Monitoring and Response Systems
  • Remote Access Control plus Alarm Monitoring and Reporting.
  • Electronic Signs...display messages to alert, advise, and give instructions.
  • Building Automation...monitor alarms and control machines.
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