Prism IP Message Gateway System: Features and Options

The Prism IP Message Gateway System is the central control point of a paging system. It manages a paging network from the message input using telephone and data lines to the output to one or more paging transmitters. The Prism IPMG is a modular design allowing you to choose which paging and message handling functions you need.

  • Database capacity from 1 to over 1 million users.
  • Pager numbers may be from 1 to 10 digits, expandable.
  • Encoder supports a variety of pager types.
  • Numeric and Alphanumeric text messages.
  • Digital paging formats FLEX TM, POCSAG and Golay.
  • Analog voice paging formats 2 Tone, 5/6 Tone and Golay pagers.
  • Mix formats on the same channel.
  • Trunk Statistics, Software and Hardware Alarm Report Logs.
  • Encoder Output Statistics
  • Network Traffic Statistics.
  • System usage totals for each Subscriber record.
  • Number of Calls from Telco
  • Telco Call Hold Time
  • Quantity of Pages Sent
  • Quantity of Characters Sent
  • Over-dial Access Call Counts.
  • Search any/all records, any/all fields, print to file.
  • Integrated voice mail system.
  • Integrated Email (SMTP), SNPP and Web Page (HTTP) protocols.
  • Messages sent to pagers, phones and other networks using SMTP or SNPP.
  • Prism Paging Operating System is professionally designed for reliable performance.
  • Redundant on-line power supply options.
  • RAID 1 mirrored hard disk drives.
  • Redundant systems with automatic switching, synchronized database and voice files.
  • Windows Operating System provides a familiar User Interface and network connectivity.
  • Telco interface supports VoIP calls (SIP protocol), Analog and T1/E1 digital circuits.
  • Ethernet network allows remote access for subscriber programming and maintenance support.

Prism IP Message Gateway System - General Inputs

The Prism IP Message Gateway accepts text and data messages from protocols such as:

  • VoIP - SIP protocol direct connections.
  • SIP Gateway - converts existing Telco lines to SIP.
  • T1/E1/ISDN/DID/POTS - Telco digital/analog lines.
  • TNPP - paging inter-switch protocol.
  • TAP - alphanumeric text message input protocol.
  • SMTP - Email protocol.
  • SNPP - simple network paging protocol.
  • Ethernet - TCP/IP and UDP for Internet and Intranet.
  • WCTP - wireless communications transport protocol.
  • RS-232 - serial port string based formats.

Prism IP Message Gateway System - General Outputs

Messages are sent according to instructions in the User Database.

  • Numeric messages.
  • Alphanumeric text messages.
  • Send to your own paging transmitter(s).
  • Send to wide-area commercial paging transmitter networks.
  • Email to any email address including wireless phone.
  • SNPP messages to cell phones.
  • Send text to LED Digital Displays.
  • Send text to speech to Audio Boards.
  • Paging by name or number
  • Voice Message retrieval